Marche à suivre pour l’ Outil de liaison LogementSain

Marche à suivre pour l’Outil de liaison LogementSain

Welcome to the RentSafe Connector.

This guide is intended for those who will serve as the lead coordinator of a RentSafe Connector exercise in their local community or region. It provides step-by-step instructions on setting up the online RentSafe Connector tool so that you and others can start using it to build/strengthen a network of people and agencies working together to improve housing conditions in your community.

The RentSafe Connector is designed to be easy to use, available on all devices (computer, tablet, phone), and operate within any standard browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox), with a basic internet connection.

This step-by-step guide tells you how to create an account, install and customize the RentSafe Connector template, publish and share the template so that others can access and complete it, review responses, generate reports, and receive support.

Ideas for improvement? Please send your feedback and suggestions to Robert Huff at

If you have not yet seen it, check out the newest RentSafe video, Des intervenants de première ligne bien connectés : soutenir le droit des locataires au logement sain. This 3-minute video is intended for frontline health, legal aid, and social services staff, and introduces the RentSafe Connector collaborative tool.

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